Dirty Dawgys is a small, family owned dog grooming shop. We love dogs, and enjoy helping them look and feel their best. We want you to feel confident that your fur baby will receive loving care while being pampered at Dirty Dawgys.  

We operate as an IN and OUT grooming service. This means that our clients drop off their dogs at the scheduled appointment time, and return for pick up once the grooming is complete. Each groomer works on only one dog at a time, working straight through, start to finish. We do this to keep stress and anxiety at a minimum, and to get the dogs home and back with their families as soon as possible. Unless necessary, dogs are not kenneled while they are here. They are able to relax in the grooming room while they wait for their owners to return. 

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Dog Grooming & Boutique

We proudly use the HydroSurge Bathing System for all baths. The BathProTM 5.1 makes bathing fast and easy, while providing dogs with an invigorating massage that keeps them calm and relaxed throughout the bath. Exclusive InjectAir™ technology thoroughly penetrates the coat and brings oxygen to the skin, leaving the animal cleaner and healthier than ever. 

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